Cascade Canoe & Kayak Racing Team Race for the Cookies!

March 23, 2017

The race!

The Cascade Canoe & Kayak Racing Team Race for the Cookies! is a 2 km plus one turn event primarily for International Canoe Federation sprint canoes and kayaks.  Other types of paddled craft may be included.  The annual date is the last Saturday in March.  The theme of this event is to build community and to start the race season.

The start is staggered, with one race starting every 30 seconds.  The start order will be seeded by the coaches approximately one hour prior to the start of the race.  The racers will be seeded with slower starting before faster.  Racer who complete the course will get their time and Cookies!

Race Course Site Plan

Race Course Site Plan

The Course

The course starts and finishes at the Blue Heron Landing Marina on the Sammamish River, 9025 Bothell

Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011. The course is circular, with one lap.  The start is at the Blue Heron Landing Marina, adjacent to the marina peninsula, between the golf course bridge and the marina entrance and the direction of the start is upstream.  A buoy will be placed in the river to mark the start and finish.  Those starting will line up keeping the buoy on their left.  Racers will paddle upstream 1000 meters.  A turn buoy will be placed at that point that racers will turn around counter clockwise, keeping the buoy on their left, and proceed downstream 1000m, taking them back to the Blue Heron and finish with the start/finish buoy to their left.

Marina Site Plan

Race Management Location

Race management will be conducted under a pop-up tent, on the marina peninsula, between the golf course bridge and the marina entrance, in line with the start/finish line.


Parking at the marina is very limited and the owners are touch about having too many paddlers park take up too much parking.  Depending on the ground condition, parking may be even more limited.  In 2017 the filed on the south east side of the property is water saturated, so we can’t drive in that area at all.  All driving will be confined to the paved drive and the gravel drive in front of the Cascade shipping containers.

Only three types of vehicles will be allowed to park in the marina.

  1. Marina customers who store their boat or rent warehouse space may park in their normally designated parking space
  2. Vehicles from clubs that are towing trailers may park in the gravel area in front of the shipping containers.  Pull straight in and park parallel to each other
  3. Vehicles with disabled permits

Everyone else must park at another location, with the Red Brick Park being the closest.  Racers may drive into the marina and drop off gear and people, but they must then leave and park at an alternative location.

2 volunteers are needed to direct parking.  Duties included directing vehicles with trailers to their parking spots, directing vehicles with disabled permits to their parking spots, managing the vehicles with car top unloading or drop off, to unload and then park elsewhere.  1 parking volunteer will be stationed at the marina entrance to inform drivers of parking requirements.  The second will be stationed in the parking and unload area to direct those allowed to park to their locations and encourage those unloading and parking elsewhere to do so quickly.

Parking volunteers must be nice, but firm!


Boats can be staged on the peninsula lawn, or on any open space on the Cascade racks or trailers.


No fires are allowed at the Blue Heron Landing Marina

Race Management

Day of Race Schedule

7:30 course buoys will be set
8:30 entries open
9:00 entries close – coaches’ seeding meeting
9:30 pre-race meeting
9:45 Safety boats deploy to their position
10:00 start
12:00 last boats starts last leg of the race, safety boat removes upstream turn buoy and returns to Marina.
12:30 awards
1:00 all buoys removed


No permits are required for this event


Liability Insurance is under USACK